The 7 Day Free Facebook

Begins October 3rd to 11th, 2023

Picture a world where compassion flows like rivers and understanding blooms like vibrant flowers. Every child's heart is cherished, parents and teachers are allies in wisdom, and each unique light shines brightly.

We're here to make the world better, starting with this first-ever 7 Day LIVE Facebook Abundance Adventure. Let's create a ripple effect of abundance and prosperity, not just in wealth, but in kindness, knowledge, and growth. When individuals thrive, the world thrives!

How it Works

Each day, through the POWER of STORYTELLING and the wisdom from Oliver, Beaver, and our hero team of experts, you'll gain the tools to attract abundance into every life facet. But our mission goes beyond personal gain.

You will receive a daily email during that week, reminding you to log into our private HQ Central platform to watch and learn from our Master Teacher of the day. You can access it from your computer or phone.

The Power of Sharing

As we learn and grow, share on Facebook as each insight is a torch lighting others' paths. Teach your young heroes as our dream extends to children, future stewards of our New World. Nurturing their heads, hearts, and hands will raise kind, wise, and resilient individuals.

Abundance isn't exclusive; it's for everyone. When prosperity flows, the world transforms. Learn to attract abundance in all life areas and create positive change.

Are you ready to be a part of it?

Together, we'll create a world reflecting the beauty within our hearts.

See you soon!

Sylvia & Tammy



A special invitation to

Step beyond conventional teaching methods and ignite change!

Enroll in Kindergarten Masterclass to transform your classroom and empower both you and your students through stories, hero intelligence strategies, and the 6-Step Roadmap to success.

Kindergarten Masterclass Educator Webinar-3-1

Join the Hero Intelligence movement in education.

Discover a community where our collective superpowers join forces, equipping each other with the tools to inspire, engage, and leave an indelible mark on children's lives.

Teach 30 to 50 minute balance blocks of Kindergarten Masterclass to help students develop their inner heroes and learn to respect and collaborate with one another. 

Natasha 400x400-1

Natasha Cannavo
Kindergarten Teacher

"I have been able to take a different and unique approach and bring it into my classroom to bring the children, peace, confidence, personal development, and growth, character, skills, and traits, and connections that have made them be able to make sense of the world around them."

Simon 400x400-1

Simon Wolfson
School Founder/Principal

"Using creative storytelling, Tammy teaches us about perseverance, and how to connect stories with animals to emphasize virtues and values. She guides us in understanding self-control and the power we have to manage our emotions in any situation."
Profile Pic 400x400

Melissa Kehoe
Millionaire Mastermind Coach

"This has been unlike any other experience in self growth & education where I've invested my time! Unlike the traditional "presentation", this past year has been a lesson in reverse engineering to discover best practices for educating our children!"


Joshua Finch
Empowerment Art Teacher

"It has been an incredible journey filled with inspiring moments and successes that I am tremendously grateful for. I cannot thank Tammy enough for her guidance, wisdom, and support. Her insights and expertise have been invaluable in helping me grow both personally and professionally."


Anne-Marie Collette 

Peace Educator & Speaker 

"Teaching isn't just about imparting knowledge; it's about nurturing hearts, minds and the soul. Collaborating with a community that values holistic education has allowed me to expand my impact beyond my communities and bring guidance and support for the benefit of the students around the globe."

James Griffin
Wellness Coach

"Creating a calm physical space is an art that involves a delicate balance of the four elements, air, earth, water and fire. With the collective knowledge of our community, we've been able to curate a harmonious environment that supports not just learning but overall well-being."

What you will receive:

Check your email each day for a link to watch the