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Discover Your Compass 4 Life

A Compass Card is a metaphorical navigational tool used for various purposes primarily for personal or professional alignment. It provides a structured approach to defining one's path and purpose to living a fulfilling life.

The Compass Card simplifies complex concepts related to alignment, making it easy to understand at a glance and talk about with ease and confidence. It serves as a valuable tool for individuals  or groups looking to stay on course and achieve their goals while maintaining clarity and direction in their personal or organizational journey.


Here are kind words from awesome clients.

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Step beyond conventional teaching methods and ignite change!

Enroll in Kindergarten Masterclass to transform your classroom and empower both you and your students through stories, hero intelligence strategies, and the 6-Step Roadmap to success.

Kindergarten Masterclass Educator Webinar-3-1

Join the Hero Intelligence movement in education.

Discover a community where our collective superpowers join forces, equipping each other with the tools to inspire, engage, and leave an indelible mark on children's lives.

Teach 30 to 50 minute balance blocks of Kindergarten Masterclass to help students develop their inner heroes and learn to respect and collaborate with one another. 

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Mimi Griffard Peak
Head Trainer for Tony Robbins

"Working with Tammy and choosing my animals was such an eye opening experience. It was remarkable when the lessons for life appeared as precisely those I’m working on! It was awesome!"

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Dr. Alan Lance Box
Ph. D. Education

"Tammy is a prolific creator and magically condenses a person's life work and value into an illustrated compass card. She brings out the inner hero in young people and transforms their lives through valuing their contribution. She's a genius in her field, full of contagious energy."

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Susan Stadnik 
Certified Kids Coach

"Tammy's Compass 4 Life session is where miracles happen. It provided clarity, helping me connect with my heart's calling and true essence. Empowering and life-changing."

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Matt Soltys 
Founder of Thrive Assets

"Tammy helped me condense my personal brand onto a single page, creating simplicity and consistency in my message. Her guidance aligned me with my true identity and purpose."

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Ani Manukyan Varbedian 
Marriage & Family Therapist

"I highly recommend every parent and child to do the compass card with Tammy to further their growth and develop, and to become more connected and build meaningful relationship." 


James Griffin
Wellness Coach & Author

"My perception of my life and world has been upgraded and expanded as a result of the session. Thank you Tammy for facilitating the creation of my Compass Card. I am forever grateful to you for such a beautiful and powerful experience."

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